Did you know that marketing starts even before a product is created ?

Yeah, you read it right.

Marketing is not about selling a product or service, definitely not about creativity alone.

Marketing is based on science.

A deep understanding of customers and their needs(potentially solving their problem) leads to…

India’s growth marketing column special — Remote Individual Contributors v2.0 story series

August 10, 2025

Sriram Muralidharan helps CEO’s, founders, marketing leaders of silicon valley startups and firms based in Europe & India by creating demand for new segments, market categories and scales up business revenue by more than 10 Million USD.

He works closely with company sizes of 10–50 and sometimes 50–100 member teams…

Sriram Muralidharan

Generalist in a early stage start-up. Boundless curiosity around products, agile practices, demand generation, marketing strategy and digital channels.

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