Secret Attributes to ABC of Marketing

Did you know that marketing starts even before a product is created ?

Yeah, you read it right.

Marketing is not about selling a product or service, definitely not about creativity alone.

Marketing is based on science.

A deep understanding of customers and their needs(potentially solving their problem) leads to creation of a product.

A great product sells itself, period.

But how long will it take to use a product as “Verb” in our lives ?

Probably “google it” is the right option.

Marketing is the enabler who sends the right message at the right time to the right person.

See selling is not the only goal here, but to create trust, provide value and build a brand that can sell itself in the near future.

Marketing is a game of perceptions

Brand Building — Cred

Have you seen the Ads that Cred is running ?

If you haven’t, check it out! They have associated their brand with Rahul Dravid, Venkatesh Prasad among many others.

Rahul Dravid is not known for his anger or taking on someone and going toe to toe.

Nor is he known for boasting about himself. He did both of that in the ad.

Point here to note is how Cred, breaking barriers in Indian market where using credit cards and taking credit is not very common in many households.

Only about 52 million Indians are using credit cards.

To capture and position in the minds of a consumer as a brand one needs to showcase why they do what they do.

Cred is creating a new normal in India and rewards people who pay their bills on time.

Not only that, they also educate and create value by offering details and alerts about credit card bills, structure, hidden charges among others.

Remember great products and deep understanding of customers and their pain points 😉 ?

Let me go back to that science thing and Rahul Dravid ad.

I am sure we all talked about the ad for at least days.

Indira Nagar Ka Gunda Hoon Main!

The science behind is our very own word of mouth aka social selling 🤯

We shared memes, videos, and Images all over social media and talked about it in person where we could.

Cred marketing also involved running ads that grasped attention of audience at the right time (IPL)

The law of marketing states that people remember only the no 1 and 2 of the category or subcategory leader.

Cred is creating their own category, their own audience and they are the only one that rewards customers to use their app!

Product and services needs to be seen and heard — Traditional vs Digital Marketing

So here comes the debate: which is better digital or traditional marketing ?

What if your product is generic and the audience you could target is broader than many other products. You can do both and it’s effective if you do both.

Xiaomi phone is a perfect example of that. They do both from billboards, newspapers and Tv ads to digital advertising campaigns on social media platforms.

But what if your product is a niche one and it serves only a specific set of audience ?

Where are they spending their time and how are you going to get them ?

Traditional marketing is limited to only certain type of products and in general it might lack personalisation, deep marketing.

More you go broader with the set of audience the more generalized campaigns are.

You can ask, does digital marketing offer better personalized marketing ?

Yes to an extent it does. Digital channel marketing messages, campaigns involve a better understanding of the audience with data.

The time you spent on a website, ecommerce platform, the product you looked into while searching on google or saw a unboxing of oneplus phone on youtube and you started getting more relevant ads towards unboxing stuff or a phone.

From search engines to social media ads all are driven by audience intent and personalised data.

Thus Marketing is science when you take decisions based on data and user intent.

CATT Marketing Funnel Framework

I mentioned that More you go broader with the set of audience the more generalized campaigns are.

Then how would you personalize, prioritize and understand the actual intent of the buyer ? that either visits your website home page, product or about us page.

This is where the Marketing Funnel framework plays a crucial role.

It decides who you want to attract as a potential prospect, what value these prospect need based on the Journey they are and analyse how well you can gain their attention and trust to convert them into customers.

CATT Model

This is model is invented by Deepak Kanakaraju. This is part of DDIP Digital Marketing Internship Program. If you are Interested in Joining the next batch use this link

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I believe he is one of the highly practical digital marketing mentor who pushes his interns to execute and get them out of their comfort zone.

He not only helps them achieve results that include interns landing jobs, freelancing gigs, also to launch a profitable online business.

The cool thing is you get rewarded for completing the assignments like this one and earn your money as cashback and it’s true! Feels good as well :)

Content and attention

Create valuable content that attracts your niche. It generates trust.

Content of any form that is native to each platform will generate traction. It is a long game.

But when you capture your audience’s attention using organic social, paid ads, seo, referrals. You are solving a problem by providing value and being in the right place with the right message.

Thus trust is created when you are constantly being seen, notified and got the attention of a user while he is online. Adding value is key here.

Transact sales and conversion with the customers who are already looking for solutions, services and deliver them with a good buying journey.

Now we know how to create and build trust and credibility on a topic, but without integrating digital marketing rightly you can’t benefit fully.

Integrated Digital Marketing

From the above Image developed by digital deepak, you can get a picture of what integrated digital marketing is.

Here are the things to note on how to do Integrated digital marketing

  1. Use content as the medium to talk to your prospects and customers.
  2. Create value on what you are selling and differentiate yourself
  3. Do not sell your product directly to customers without creating trust and attention
  4. Do not use a specific channel alone to drive sales
  5. Distribute content across all social media native to each platform meaning use long form webinar video in Youtube, share the webinar main takeaways as carousel images in Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin to drive traffic to the video as well engage with prospects and customers in each platform.
  6. Own the webinar content as a blog and do SEO as well to rank on search engines.
  7. Collaborate with industry thought leaders, panel experts, industry program submits, conferences to improve the brand awareness.
  8. Once you put your brand in a event or a country wide digital conference you are being heard and seen by prospects and customers
  9. Again distribute main takeaways across all channels

The goal here is to make sales. But also to make marketing the initial driver for customers to advocate for the brand in the longer run.

Since we talked about branding in the end, let me tell you how personal branding can drive sales

  • Best known will always beat the best.
  • People hear from people and not from brand

These two hit me hard. In a day and age where customers are getting directed by the Influencers and word of mouth is crucial to drive unique brand value.

Everyone has a story and people remember why you do, what you do! that’s my short version of what Simon Sinek said.

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe” — Simon Sinek

A personal brand becomes an Influencer and becomes a brand ambassador for the companies they run.

Conclusion of ABC

Glad to see, you have made it this far. I hope it was worth reading.

The main takeaways are

Marketing involves a lot of experimentation, tryouts to understand your audience and customer.

It is more science than art.

A product needs to be seen. That can be Traditional and Digital marketing. Both forms of marketing have their own pros and cons.

But it all depends on where your customer spends time and how you want to market to them.

Integrating marketing efforts will yield better results

Use marketing to have a lasting relationship with customers by branding your value, uniqueness. It increases credibility and reflects the trust in enterprise as well.

That’s all I have about the ABC of marketing.

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